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Welcome. There is an increased clarity on what quality is as it becomes clear that there are internally and external focused view points on quality. As a result, Meru school has team structures in place prescribed in its operating strategic plan and carries out activities with intended outcomes of providing quality insurance for its programmes and setting the quality standards. The team structures ensure quality by providing inspection points sufficient in ensuring internally focused quality and based on conformance to specifications and achieving objectives.


A school wide quality culture spearheaded by the school principal in one key additional resource and together with the Deputy Principal, Academics, The Dean’s office, The Form Masters, The H.O.Ds and the class teachers, Meru School like other schools nationally, has had antonomy over quality standards.


DQASO is responsible for establishing, maintaining and improving standards in the following ways among others:-


  • Setting both short and long term goals or means for each exam.
  • Discussing results at the department level after every exam.
  • Keeping a clear record of areas/items/topics covered and aim at covering the syllabus in good time.
  • Discussing the results with students and revise the exams.
  • Ensuring credibility of exam results by embracing conveyer belt marking.
  • Embracing rapid result initiative (RRI) by ensuring that time-lines are strictly adhered to.
  • Developing an Academic Tracking Mechanism (ATM) to assist students performing below their potential levels.

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