In Understanding Be Men

P. O. Box 1903 Meru : Off Meru Maua Highway , Makutano

Deputy Captain

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Most of the times when one is joining high school, they consider academics or co-curricula’s; but one thing they forget is that life is not all about that. When you walk or drive through the majestic hates of Meru School, you are engulfed by the powerful aura of
self-belief and excellence. From a form one student to the school captain, we are all united by one
mantra, “In Understanding, be Men.”
Our motto is brief but its power is boundless. It is the fuel which drives us to self-realization and
self-confidence. For the four years I have spent here, all I can say is time moves too fast. It seems
like yesterday when I reported in form one as a meek, shy, little boy and now to the indomitable,
confident gentleman that I am today. I am just an example of how student are molded into the fine
men that they need to be.
Meru School is a diverse Centre of learning where academics, religion and self-belief is the bedrock
upon which this community has developed. We work to develop students into gems that we release
into the world for everyone to behold. As the deputy school captain, it has been a journey and a half.
Representing 1,420 students has not been a piece of cake but with everyone’s unwavering support
and the grace of God, we made it through.
As I conclude, I would like to assure anyone who wishes to join the school that they will not be
mistaken to do so. Meru School is the workshop where boys are refined into men, and not just men
but men of substance. So welcome to the school where boys are refined into men over a four year

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